Email marketing has always been one of the most influential tools for any business out there. With the use of email marketing, any business can communicate with their customers, introduce their products and services, and can even make conversions for their businesses from it. However, sending emails requires a SMTP server, which is an acronym to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and not every business can have access to that. So here come the SMTP providers to offer sending and receiving of email services to their clients.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Here in this article of ours, we are going to look at some of the best SMTP servers out there. We will also analyse the difference between free and paid SMTP services, and will determine the best option for your success in the market.

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Free Email Simple Mail Transfer Protocal Servers

Here to put this straight, a free SMTP server is a platform that provides a basic service for any business or individual to work with the sending and receiving of emails over the web. These SMTP providers are great for the small businesses and individuals who don’t have a lot of email to be sent.

However, there are limitations to the sending of emails with the free SMTP server, restriction on the number of recipients, and limited customer support. Some of the free Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers are-

1.    Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular SMTP servers that allows you to send emails to an extent. Here with gmail, you can send up to 500 emails in a day, which is quite satisfactory for any small business or an individual out there.


However, sending emails with gmail requires a Google account, and you can only send a single email to 100 customers only.

2.    Sendinblue

Another free SMTP server that allows you to send email to 300 people in a day with the restriction of sending one mail to 40 people at once. Sendinblue provides a number of tools and services to their users to work efficiently with their businesses.

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Sendinblue plugin

It’s a growing platform that is working day in and day out. To provide the best services to their subscribers, and to help them out with their businesses so far.

3.    SendGrid

The last of this list of free SMTP servers is the platform called SendGrid. It allows its users to send 100 emails per day. It also avails different email marketing tools like email templates, analytic tools, and marketing tools on the line.


However, this platform has not gained that much of consideration in the market due to the limited connectivity. But it is one of the best free SMTP servers out there.

Paid Email SMTP Server

Now it’s time to advance in the email marketing world by looking into one of the most influential elements for some of the great businesses out there. Yes, paid SMTP providers are the ones who take email marketing to the next level. To provide the best results possible.

These types of SMTP servers are good for the businesses that require to send high volumes of email to their customers, and to communicate more often with them. Some of these Simple Mail Transfer Protocol servers are-

1.    Amazon SES

Amazon simple email services are one of the most popular paid SMTP servers in the market. It provides high deliverability rates, better connectivity, higher conversion rates, and a number of other perks of email marketing.

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Amazon Web Services

The platform also provides its users with the best analytical tools to manage their marketing campaigns. To make the necessary changes according to the customer’s reaction to that.

2.    Mailgun

Mailgun is one of the best SMTP servers for their email automations and analytical support to their users. It helps with a number of specifications for your email marketing campaigns. This avails you with a great scalability for your business.


It offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model based on the volume of emails sent, which at some places gets a little too much for the businesses to afford, and that’s the only downside to this platform.

3.    SMTP2GO

The last of the paid SMTP servers is the SMTP2GO, which offers an easy integration with your existing email system, provides high deliverability rates, and robust features to engage with your marketing better.


This platform too offers a range of pricing depending on the number of email you want to send in, and the limit of recipients you expect to reach for your businesses with emails.

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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol: Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing the right email server for your business to accommodate the email marketing depends on the needs and expectations of your businesses out there.

If your business targets only a few hundred customers in a day, then going with the free SMTP server would be the best for your business. But if your business requires a more structured and adaptive way of dealing with the customers, then indulging in the paid SMTP server is suggested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a SMTP service provider?
  • It’s an organisation that provides services to its customers with the use of email marketing, and helps them with the scalability of their businesses.

  • Can I send unlimited emails with an SMTP provider?
  • No, sending unlimited emails is not possible with any of the SMTP servers out there, as both have a limitation after which they can’t work with their best efficiency.

  • How do I choose the right SMTP provider for my email needs?
  • Choosing the right SMTP server for your businesses depends on the needs and expectations of your business. You must access your business thoroughly, and then decide what the best choice would be.

  • What are the benefits of using an SMTP provider?
  • Using an SMTP provider ensures reliable email delivery, higher email deliverability rates, and better email security.

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