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Need a faster email marketing server that never-compromises your email campaign? Switch to InitSky Bulk Email Server which is reliable, absolutely faster, and fully optimized to achieve all your email marketing objectives.

Pocket-Friendly Bulk Email Server Plans

Choose the best bulk mailing server plans that suit you the best. Our cheap bulk email servers are economical as well as pocket-friendly. 100% Secured Payment Protection Guaranteed.

Basic Email Server



  • Processor 1vcore

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 40GB Storage

  • Mailwizz Application

  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC Enabled

  • 5 IP’s Included

  • IP/Domain Rotation

  • 5K Email Daily Limit

  • 24/7 Suppport

Premium Email Server



  • Processor 2vcore

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 80GB Storage

  • Mailwizz Application

  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC Enabled

  • 10 IP's Included

  • IP/Domain Rotation

  • 10k Email Daily Limit

  • 24/7 Support

Business Email Server



  • Processor 4vcore

  • 8GB RAM

  • 160GB Storage

  • Mailwizz Application

  • SPF, DKIM, DMARC Enabled

  • 15 IP's Included

  • IP/Domain Rotation

  • 15k Emails Daily Limit

  • 24/7 Support

Email Marketing Server Benefits

Email marketing servers help large retained businesses to send mass emails to their customers or colleagues without the hassle of taking stress of server loads, IPs blockage, and IP monitoring. On the other hand, having your own email marketing server gives you following advantages:

No Sending Limitation

Email marketing servers have dedicated IPs for bulk email which gives you the freedom to either send hundreds or thousands of emails in a day with fast delivery.

Dedicated Server

Since the mailing server surrounds a dedicated server with its very own infrastructure, you get the faster speed, optimized server, dedicated IPs, and dashboard for effective email sending.

High Security

Email servers are considered well against email marketing because it ensures that all the email lists are kept private all the time. All your credentials i.e. username, password, email addresses are safe.

Cost Effectiveness

Each email sends costs the business higher if they didn’t have their own server for bulk mailing. Buying dedicated email servers reduce the costs related to bulk emailing to a great extent.

Hassle Free Process

You don’t need to worry about the terms and conditions imposed by third parties. Simply configure the server on your hosting environment and start sending the emails from the first day.

Technical Support

InitSky, email marketing server provider offer you 24/7 live technical support and effective solutions are offered by our experts concerned bulk mailing server.

Best Bulk Mailing Server With Instant Setup and More

InitSky is a leading bulk mailing service provider which is a master in the field of making business productive in the realm of email marketing. If your business uses email marketing techniques to invite more business, then we are here to help you!
What do we do? We offer you a cheap bulk email server with dedicated SMTP server installation, configuration, and monitoring free of cost. The infrastructure deployed on your hosting platform gives you the ability to send mass emails at speed, analytics in real-time, live tracking for conversion, and more.
Create, Send, & Track Effective Email Campaigns. Switch To InitSky Email Marketing Server, today!

Email Marketing Server
Bulk Email Server Features That You Get Nowhere Else

Bulk email server provider – InitSky is a full-service platform for email marketing. We offer reliable bulk mailing server setup surrounded with world’s best dedicated smtp server performance that give your featured-rich experience in each email sending process.

Email Automation

Capture potential email subscribers attention before they complete any certain action, create emails ahead of time and set them to launch automatically.

List Segmentation

Freedom to segment customers on a standard basis and deliver targeted content directly in their inbox and see a positive turn in ROI that makes email marketing acceptable.

Spam Detector

Not all email addresses are healthy, our bulk mailing server gives you the option to screen each email address for any false error. Spam can be filtered before cluttering up their inbox.

Live Testing/Preview

Get confident about your email campaign in advance with live testing and preview features to avoid last-minute errors.

Detailed Analytics

You may build effective email marketing strategies by manipulating the reports delivered by the bulk email server.

Dedicated IPs

The support of multiple dedicated IPs aims to enhance email sending goals and make email marketing servers up-to-the ethical.

Setup Your Own Bulk Mailing Server With InitSky 24/7 Support

Setup your own email server for sending bulk emails at an affordable rate. No more restriction and full-hour tech support.

Email Marketing Server
Why Is Personal Email Marketing Server Important?

In the age of email war, email marketing success relies on the effectiveness of email marketing servers. Email marketing servers are also known as bulk mailing servers that do the job of successfully making each triggered bulk email to the inbox of the receipts.
Sending such mass emails to the number of users based upon different locations and corners of the region thoroughly required reliable and faster bulk mail server i.e. thereby most businesses rely on professional bulk email service providers that give them an environment with a dedicated setup of the SMTP server to win each email marketing battle at a glance.
Furthermore, setting up your own bulk mailing server eliminates the use of free email brand partners such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. It gives you no restrictions on email sending. Send Unlimited Emails, Confidently!

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