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Seeing falls in your email delivery rates? Improve email rates with smtp server and send mass emails with the support of SMTP superfast delivery feature. Get the best smtp server for bulk email from InitSky.
SMTP Server Price and Plans

Buy smtp server for email marketing that suits you the best. Our smtp server for email blast prices are economical as well as pocket-friendly. 100% Secured Payment Protection Guaranteed.

Basic SMTP



  • 30000 Emails per month

  • 1000 Emails per day

  • SSL ON Domain


  • Domain Required

  • SMTP Setup Service Included

  • 24/7 Support

Premium SMTP



  • 100000 Emails per month

  • 3330 Emails per day

  • SSL ON Domain


  • Domain Required

  • SMTP Setup Service Included

  • 24/7 Support

Business SMTP



  • 200000 Emails per month

  • 6660 Emails per day

  • SSL ON Domain


  • Domain Required

  • SMTP Setup Service Included

  • 24/7 Support
SMTP Server Benefits To Small and Large Seller

Email marketing has become a common digital marketing philosophy for brands! With increase in the number of products and services mass email sending increases too. For bulk email marketing you need SMTP server that are great in sending mass emails in minutes and here are some advantages:

Quick Email Delivery

SMTP server uses its full power to send email messages as fast as possible. Since, smtp server is based on dedicated infrastructure, the speed is its seed.

Email Reliability

SMTP also offers reliability in terms of outgoing email messages. It tries to resend the same email until the transmission becomes successful.

Dedicated Server

Companies and organizations have options for multiple dedicated servers to handle outgoing email messages. You can opt for suitable plans according to your needs.

Cost Effective

Buying dedicated smtp servers reduces the costs related to bulk emailing to a great extent. Even a new venture or startup can go through SMTP service.

Email Tracking

Our smtp server solutions also offer real-time tracking of detonated emails to the inbox. It gives you the ability to judge the email response by the clients.

Bulk Mailing

SMTP server is a great option for bulk mailing solutions. It is possible through the SMTP server to send custom email and newsletter to transactional emails.

High Security

SMTP servers are considered well against email marketing because it ensures that all the email lists are kept private all the time. All your login credentials are safe.

Simple Interface

The interface of smtp server is simple and easy to understand. The features, tools, and functions can easily be understood by the marketer in less time.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Since smtp servers offer great reliability and speed to each email such features reduce bounce rates and spam complaints.

Buy SMTP Server for Email Marketing At Low Price

As you heard, SMTP servers are worth every size of business and organization. Anyone can buy and everyone can use it for email marketing needs. Since, we offer lowest best smtp server price and plans, businesses can easily escalate their email marketing solutions, wisely and effectively.
Experience the best smtp services for email marketing from InitSky. We provide a smtp server for both transactional email and marketing email. You can send billions of emails across the globe without falling in speed and email tracking.

Our SMTP service provides you the following advantages:

  • Inbound email parsing and routing
  • Email address validation services
  • Easy integration with ISP’s like Gmail over TLS or SSL
  • Real-time email tracking and advanced analytics for your emails
SMTP Server for Email Marketing
SMTP Features You Get With Assured Promise

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) uses a host of sub-standard servers and protocols to make email messages deliver to its destination. Since SMTP is based on protocols, it needs to be configured as well so no pitfalls occur while sending emails. At InitSky, we have email marketing experts that handle issues related with SMTP servers and offer following assistance.

SMTP Server Setup

You are only able to send transactional and promotional emails to your subscribers when the smtp server is set up effectively.

SMTP Server Configuration

Configuring an smtp server could be a stressful task, you can rely on our expert for assistance. After successful configuration you are able to send through a specific server.

SMTP Post Maintenance

It often experiences downfall in the server, with our faster smtp post maintenance guarantee back online to your server and ready to send emails once again.

SMTP Technical Assistance

InitSky, smtp server provider offer you 24/7 live technical support and effective solutions are offered by our experts concerned bulk mailing server.

Lowest price on SMTP Server by InitSky

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