In this competitive world everyone is trying their best but the one who have that extraordinary information will win over the rest. 

E mail marketing the advertising and promotional tool if used in an effective way will make your business grow in a tremendous way. 

Important Things to keep in mind while using E mail marketing for better results:

Setting the Objectives : The first step in every process is to deciding the goals . With email marketing services you can –

  • Grow your customer list,
  • Increase in sales,
  • Feedback from customers,
  • Identifying customer’s Needs
  • Building a communication channel 
  • Strong Brand Value
  • Building a Customer List 
  • The important and one of the crucial part is to make a customer list which is all about deciding who will be going to read your e mail. For an existing business the details of customers can be added from the transactions that have happened till date for the email marketing campaign.
  • The existing and newly set up business both can create a signup form on their websites to get the email id of their customers for sending the email which will add up to their customer list for further use in email marketing campaign.
  • Building the customer list in an organic way involves a lot of patience and hardwork but the results are better as compared to buying readymade customer lists from third parties.
  • To strengthen the customer list and engaging more audience offer some good deals in exchange of their email ids like some freebies or extra discounts on first order and cashbacks for subscribing to your newsletters.
  • If already having a presence on any social media platform you can use it to make a customer list that will let you know who can be the perfect target audience.
  • It is advisable to don’t rely on buying customer lists from third parties as this will not give you good results and will turn out to be a negative point as such customer lists are not taken  for a particular business and organically .Therefore using it will make the audiences marked them as spam and unsubscribe to avoid receiving such e mails.
  • Content for E mail marketing:
  • Whenever email is forwarded to the customers the content should be focused on engaging the active customers and also re engaging the inactive customers with a product or service by giving information about the products and services, its uses and the offers and discounts by the company. 
  • As it is a communication process with the customers there should be an emphasis on making the content of the email as a solution to their problems and have such potential to satisfy them . 
  • If the content is personalized and relatable to the customers they will pay more attention towards it.
  • Also using the appropriate and attractive templates with some appealing lines which present your ordinary offers in an extraordinary style will help you get the interests of the consumers.
  • The content should be focused on customer’s needs and should have information about the queries which are there in customers minds for the effective results of the email marketing campaign. 
  • The content quality will also help in  acquisition marketing where you have some inactive customers but you can convert them and have a strong customer list to grow your business.
  • The content should also include the feedbacks and suggestions from the customers for improvement and innovation . 
  • A good content is the backbone of the e mail marketing campaign so these important tips to keep in mind for choosing the content to engage with the customers and making a strong customer list.
  • Frequency and notifications for sending the email :
  • The email should not flood the inbox of the customers which will make the customers unsubscribe and mark such emails as spam and this will be a negative point to the e mail marketing campaign so it is very important to consider the timing and frequency while sending the email. 
  • The timing should be such that it will make the customer to open such emails and give a view to that. It is preferable to send the email according to the target audience so that the strategy proves to be effective. 
  • The notification mails should also be send whenever there is any price drop related to the products in shopping cart and reminder mails for any abandoned items in cart. 
  • The confirmation mails to inform the customers that order is placed and delivered has made it easier for the customers to shop online.
  • Keep yourself updated with the trends and customer lists :  
  • It is better to keep yourself aware of the trends and the change in the market conditions to modify your email accordingly .
  • It is a good strategy to engage with the customers on a regular basis to make them aware about the presence and should segment the customer lists according to the audiences based on their age, gender and demographic conditons .
  • Use the email marketing to get yourself updated according to the target audience for a better campaign. For example where the target audience is youth try to figure it what is their interests , the current market scenario and trends .
  • Where the customers lists are not modified and updated for a long it is good to opt for an automatic updation tools for updating customer lists
  • Use the Survey and Feedback Forms to stay updated for the market conditions.
  • Use warmed up SMTP for bulk mailing to get batter result

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