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PowerMTA:- Game Changer in Email Marketing

What Is PowerMTA ?

PowerMTA is a very powerful SMTP server software. It is a very specialised Email delivery solution which is designed to send Millions of mails with high reliability and delivery execution. Other popular Email servers such as Postfix, Qmail or Exchange are good enough to be used for general purpose but when you think of millions mails a day with high deliverability, performance, reliability- PowerMTA has no competitor.


Why PowerMTA ?

PowerMTA is a powerful tool but what are the features which make it different and better, let’s have a look :-

  1. Authentication :- Email authentication plays a vital role in delivering the Emails in inbox. Authentication like – DKIM, SPF, DMARC, RDNS etc. with PowerMTA configuration you can be assure that all the Email authentication will be working perfectly and help you in delivering your mails to inbox.
  2. IP- Rotation :- PowerMTA setup allow you to use unlimited IP’s. Through PowerMTA setup IP rotation can be applied and allow unlimited IP’s to rotate and send mails.
  3. Statistics :- PowerMTA services provides all the statistics at real time. You can see real time bounce mails, sent message per hour, open rate etc.
  4. Virtual MTA :- PowerMTA also includes the feature of adding more than one virtual MTA – It means you can use many virtual MTA’s at the same time simultaneously functioning and helping in sending mails.
  5. Customization & Flexibility :- PowerMTA allow to customize as per the requirement. It works on “perform a – do it your way” Email managing. It is also very flexible and allow to change settings at any time. PowerMTA setup  services is mainly used for bulk emailing.

Thus, PowerMTA is a very powerful tool which came out to be a Game changer in Email marketing because of this most of the companies are migrating to PowerMTA and making their Email service better.

PowerMTA – A true Game changer