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Cloud Support and Hosting Services In India

Initsky is leading cloud hosting provider with a services model to clients . We offer advance level of security, low integration cost and fast response time .Our tailor-made cloud server hosting plans will help you grow your business across the globe .

Initsky offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive AWS services in India. By using AWS you can grow your business faster with improved application development, on-demand instances and storage options .

Linode Services by Initsky will provide extra edge to your business. Our expert exclusively deal on Linux, with visualization to provide you hustle free linode hosting.

Digital Ocean Management Services by Initsky are unmatchable . At Geeks cube apply security patches on regular interval to ensure security of your server. You can focus on website let us take care of your Digital Ocean server

What is Cloud Hosting ?

Cloud server hosting is also known as cluster hosting, basically work across various web servers which are interconnected , and differ from traditional hosting . The best part of of cloud hosting are accessibility and increased reliability ,cost efficiency and seamless scalability .In other word the most affordable, scalable, and reliable web infrastructure.

Benefits of cloud hosting services


Cloud hosting is most affordable hosting service as clients are only charged for the resources they use .


Cloud server are scalable hence you can expand or reduce servers in second to unsure you meet the demands without wasting on resources.


As server are isolated so issues of one account can not spill over into other sites on same server.


Cloud hosting let clients customize their server.

Why You Should you use Initsky Cloud hosting services ?