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PowerMTA Installation Plans

PowerMTA Installation 1

Up to 10 IP

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PowerMTA Installation 2

Up to 32 IP

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PowerMTA Installation 3

Up to 100 IP

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PowerMTA Installation 4

Above 100

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  • Quality Analysis of requirement
  • PowerMTA Installation,
  • Configuration and Integration
  • Interspire Installation and Smtp Integration
  • Authentications- Dkim, Domainkey, Spf/SenderID, Dmarc
  • IP rotation, Virtual MTA Technology, Bounce rules, BackoFF rules, ISP rules
  • Database / PHP / HTTP Server Optimization
  • Server hardening to make sure server is fully secured
  • Guaranteed 10/10 Score with any Mail-Tester available online

InitSky have expertise in PowerMTA installation,Configuration and integration. We do quality analysis and setup high deliver-ability Platform, satisfaction guaranteed whether you are a company or individual .

The great Email Marketing companies have it as their great secret and it is the IP Address Rotation. This is the great advantage of having a PowerMTA Services, Rotate the IP Addresses and thus avoid that the AntiSpam Filters consider our mass shipments as suspects increasing the quality of all the shipments.
Our Dedicated team for sending massive email automatically balance all the shipments delivering a certain amount of emails to each provider eg hotmail, gmail, yahoo avoiding service blockages and no matter the amount of shipments you make.
Our configuration allows you to send at the speed you want, you can change according to your needs the amount of emails sent per hour and thus have total control of all your campaigns.
Feedback Loop automatically controls all rebounds and contact who spam your email, avoiding this way, not sending you emails again and deleting the email from the list of subscribers.
With our Spinner you will have the possibility to insert several lines of different subject and to rotate them of automatic way in a same mass email campaign. You can also rotate the name of the person / company that sends your advertisement.